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Week One Recap

Last week marked the exciting first week of STEM Camp, where young minds ignited their passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It was an inspiring week filled with hands-on projects like creating ecosystem habitats, lemon volcanoes, sailboats, windmills, and superhero masks. Additionally, we enjoyed two thrilling field trips to the Extreme Animal Show and KSWO Channel 7 Broadcast Studio. Our scholars, volunteers, and teachers set the bar high, eagerly anticipating the coming weeks.

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Scholar of the Week

Asher Williams

Asher has shown exceptional curiosity and dedication to learning. His innovative approach to creating a sustainable ecosystem habitat not only impressed his peers but also inspired the entire camp. Asher's ability to think critically and his enthusiasm for sharing knowledge truly embody the spirit of STEM Camp.


Volunteer of the Week

Breanna Mason

Breanna, our devoted volunteer, has gone above and beyond in supporting our scholars. Her patience, kindness, and eagerness to assist with every activity have made a significant impact. Breanna's commitment to helping others learn and grow has not gone unnoticed, and we are incredibly grateful for her contributions.


Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Nelosha Oliver

Mrs. Oliver, with her boundless energy and innovative teaching methods, has been a beacon of inspiration. Her ability to make complex scientific concepts accessible and engaging has transformed our scholars' learning experience. Mrs. Oliver's dedication to fostering a love for STEM in her students is truly commendable.

Weekly Field Trips


Our scholars embarked on two unforgettable field trips this week. The first was to Extreme Animals, where they had the chance to observe and learn about various exotic creatures. This hands-on experience deepened their understanding of biodiversity and animal behavior.


The second field trip was to the KSWO News Station. Here, scholars got a behind-the-scenes look at the world of broadcasting. They learned about the technology and teamwork required to deliver news to the public, sparking interest in potential careers in media and communications.

Project Highlights:

Ecosystem Habitats


This week's project highlight was the creation of ecosystem habitats by our scholars. Each participant designed and built a model habitat, showcasing their understanding of ecological principles and the importance of sustainability. These projects demonstrated the creativity and scientific knowledge of our scholars, proving that they are well on their way to becoming future environmental stewards.

Annual Reports

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